Unique Features

Effective Layout

The Brew Journal’s layout provides a friendly and organized way to log each step of the process regardless of your personal preferences.

Hop Chart

See what your hop options are when you are creating your own unique recipe, or in case you are looking for a substitution in a recipe you currently have.

Glassware Guide

Believe it or not, the glassware makes a difference when you are tasting a beer. We decided to include a quick glassware chart to help you choose the right glass for the right beer.

ABV Chart

Instead of having to look for ABV formulas and cracking the numbers yourself, now you can take a quick look at the ABV Reference Chart! We did all the math for you!

What are people saying about the Brew Journal?

Don’t just take from us, let other home brewers do the talking!

“The Brew Journal looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s extremely well thought-out, beautifully designed, and it is truly a piece of very functional art every homebrewer should own – one I wish I had when I started brewing. Hell, I wish I had one now!”

Mike Langone, HopBox Founder

“The Brew Journal makes you go back in time. It’s a way to keep craft beer recipes for generations. The same way there are recipe books being passed for over 3 generations, the idea here is to leave the virtual world a little bit and take notes by hand, to be able to “smell” the home brew recipe on this journal.”

Conrado Mioni, Aviattor Beer

“Wow! The Brew Journal is amazing! Very carefully designed, attention to details and finishing. This journal has a lot of potential! People will start talking about it as soon as the photos are released.”

Marco Memmoli, Be Hoppy

What's inside?

It's much more than just a craft beer journal.

Reference Charts

As home brewers we are constantly looking at reference charts for various reasons such as, unit conversion, hops, yeast strains and color to name a few. The Brew Journal has 13 pages dedicated to reference information that will make your brewing day a lot easier!




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Two-Page Layout

      After extensive research we couldn’t find a journal to log homebrew recipes and  take notes of the finished brew. The two-page layout allows brewers to log the recipe, take general notes, log up to 4 hydrometer readings, hops, yeast strains and tasting notes.

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Opens Flat

      Yes! The Brew Journal opens completely flat! That was our #1 priority while we were looking for a book manufacturer capable of meeting this requirement. Why? Because this is one of the details that makes this journal so unique! The Brew Journal provides you more space to log your recipes by laying completely flat.

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Pen Holder

    We have surveyed a few home brewers about the Brew Journal and the unanimous feedback was “I would like to see a pen holder.” Your voice was heard: a pen holder has been added to the latch of the journal!

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Optimum Size

    Not too big, not too small. The Brew Journal’s optimum size won’t take too much space on the counter but at the same time it will provide enough room for all your notes.

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