Backer’s Collage – Real Brewers Made It Possible

These, and 700+ other home brewers backed the Brew Journal on Kickstarter!

“Beer is proof that God wants us to Craft!” – Ed

“Wondering for remembering recipes that would otherwise be lost to memory.” – Alec Morrison

“A man without a Brew Journal is like a bathroom without a toilet. Disastrous.” – Brendan Jonesrebandt

“I’m ready for a lifetime of tasty brews.” – Nicholas Pham

“The Brew Journal is now a family book, that will be passed on for generations” – Andy Trout

“My fussiness about notebooks is only rivaled by my fussiness about beer. The Brew Journal is scratching both itches! Wait, that sounds weird.” – Lisa Mason

“Thanks so much for creating the Brew Journal! It’s already given me so much motivation to brew more and get more creative with my recipes. Cheers!” – Joseph Pizzo

 P.S.: We would like to thank one more time every single one of our backers for trusting us. While our Kickstarter campaign was live, the only thing we had was a sample of the Brew Journal and a lot of determination. The support and understanding of the 900+ backers throughout this journey was essential for the positive outcome we had. We believe this is the beginning of a community of creative brewers that will go a long ways.




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