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Since last year I knew I had a message to share but I never felt super thrilled about having a podcast about beer and wine. I thought “What’s wrong with me? Kegs & Code is about hops and grapes! The podcast HAS to be about this, you and everyone else know Kegs & Code as the company that creates beer and wine products for cool people.” For over 12 months I resisted the fire that burned inside; to help spread the word of people just like you and me who have a dream and are making it happen.

I convinced myself that a podcast about other people who are in the process of chasing their dreams had nothing to do with Kegs & Code, but it turns out that I am one of those people myself. Feeling alone, reinventing myself, finding my tribe, having doubts, having dreams.

It’s time to start spreading this message and “trusting that somehow the dots will connect.”

Do you want to regret things you didn’t do?

Do you believe there is more to life?

Are you looking for like minded people?

Are you are dreamer?

If you said, yes, yes, yes and yes, then the Kegs & Code Podcast is for you.

p.s.: if you are reading this, I would like to tell you that the Kegs & Code podcast is now, Dusk to Dawn podcast :)

“You don’t wake up one day and say ‘something needs to change’, and by lunch time you have it all figured out.”


  • A little background story that led me to creating this podcast (1:13)
  • What is this podcast all about? (2:19)
  • The conflicts of starting a business (3:07)
  • Quote of the day [above] (5:23)
  • How often will the episodes be posted? (6:06)
  • Who is the first guest? (7:33)



You are here for a reason. Maybe you feel stuck with your idea, maybe you feel like you don’t belong, maybe you know something needs to change but you don’t know what.

This is what the Kegs & Code podcast is all about.

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