Last fall I decided to brew my first experimental beer. Well, “experimental.”  My favorite beer style is Porter; the roasty taste, tan head and light chocolaty aroma speaks to me! Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to brew and splitting a 5-gallon batch into smaller batches in secondary sometimes is a pain – 5 fermenters, 5 airlocks, more things to clean later and so on. Totally worth it though, this experimental porter recipe was one of the best ones yet.

The Experimental Porter Recipe uses a solid porter recipe as a base but then in secondary, different ingredients are added. Cocoa nibs, oak chips, vanilla, raspberry extract and one gallon goes without any additions. I wish I had photos of the brew day but I don’t. All the beer is gone and I didn’t take any pictures of the beer in the glass either lol

I haven’t nailed the raspberry extract addition to be honest. In a homebrew club meeting a guy told me to add two drops of raspberry extract straight to the bottle, I did that but the aroma didn’t come through as I expected. Any tips would be appreciated in the comment section. I will definitely make this beer again :)

This is a delicious homebrew recipe and if you are debating what to brew next, give this one a shot. With further ado…

Experimental Porter Recipe

Get Porter Recipe

This recipe put the Brew Journal to the test once again, I was yet to split a batch into smaller batches but the 2-page intuitive layout had enough room for all my notes and stuff :)

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