I decided to start writing more about what happens behind the scenes on a one-man-operation business. Kegs & Code has been built with sweat, sore muscles and lots of creativity to get everything done on time. The week I registered the name Kegs & Code, I made some business cards as the “CEO” of the company. After a few months I realized that unless CEO stands for Chief Everything Officer, the title of CEO didn’t mean much if you are building a business out of your garage.

The longer Kegs & Code stays in business, the more cool people I meet, the more ideas we share and the more progress we all make. Although, it seems like there is this “inside circle” that you get in once you start to work on your business that no one had told you about. Lessons that you can’t “google”, and even if you do; you won’t find much on the topic. That’s why I will start documenting the good and bad moments of the Kegs & Code journey. And hopefully, you can take away something from it :)

Brew Journals Getting Damaged During Transit

Thanks Thom and Heather for sending pictures of the damaged Brew Journals.


I’m deeply sorry about this and in some instances the Brew Journal was going to be a gift or there was a brew day coming up.

We handle every Brew Journal with extremely care and if we feel like it’s not a perfect product, it never leaves the warehouse. Unfortunately, we can’t control what happens after we ship the Brew Journals (or any other of our products for this matter).


On the bright side, we decided to create a box specially for the ¬†and the Wine Journal. This box will go inside another shipping box. I’m still working on the design and looking for a manufacture but everything should come together by the middle of the year.

Are you trying to build a business from the ground up too? Feel free to comment below.

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