Beer + Coffee = Coffee Infused Beer

During the Brew Journal Kickstarter campaign we had the cool opportunity to meet many of our backers in a more personal level (not just the normal creator & backers relationship). Among those amazing creative minds was Nathan Pozderac, home brewer and professional coffee roaster.

Nathan is the founder and owner of Nathan's Coffee Roasting, a local gourmet coffee roastery in Valley City, OH. As soon as we got in touch our visions clicked; we both like to support local business and give back to the community (in-person or on-line). After a few e-mails we thought it was going to be really cool to share his knowledge on what's the best way to make coffee infused beer. And we thought that the best way to do that was through a simple downloadable one-page infographic :)

His generosity didn't end there. He decided to give Brew Journal backers a special 15% off his gourmet coffee grains with the promo code BREWJOURNAL until March 19th, 2015 !! Nathan, you rock man!

Who's brewing a coffee infused beer this winter?? How are you doing it?


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