EP. 001

SARAH DOWNEY: Adjust the course, find happiness

Hailing from the great Midwest, then individually tumbling through many locations, Sarah Downey and her sister, Liz, landed in the same place for long enough to combine their unique talents to create something bigger. At Two Tumbleweeds they create uniquely crafted goods that inspire creativity in everyday life, the first of which was Foodie Dice.® To their surprise, when they launched it on Kickstarter they raised $156,000!

Last year they launched the HATCH notebook. Hatching ideas requires a blend of creativity and practicality, inspiration and perseverance (I use the HATCH notebook myself, and as a creative person, that helps me keep my ideas organized in one place). But now she faces the challenge of creating a totally new audience or finding a way to link HATCH and Foodie Dice under one company.

Sarah opens up and talks about how breaking her back while pursuing a career as a jockey led her to go work for her dad and learn valuable accounting skills. Skills which helped her grow her business and create happiness in her life.

In this interview we talked about work and life balance, how a happy life outside of work affects daily productivity, the challenges of creating different products and somehow linking them under one brand, if she would start from scratch again and much more :)

p.s.: I launched this show as the Kegs & Code podcast but I would like to let you that this is now, Dusk to Dawn podcast.

“Having a defined plan and a path is great, but I think part of being an entrepreneur is taking those leaps.”


  • Sarah’s path to entrepreneurship (2:05)
  • How long did it take to launch the first product? (6:02)
  • The challenges of launching a second product (10:25)
  • Quote of the day [above] (15:45)
  • Do you believe in work-life balance? (19:27)
  • Would you start the same business from scratch again? (29:27)



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