Brewer’s Passport – Travel & Craft Beer Pocket Journal


We believe happiness has something to do with exploring new places and drinking great beer. The Brewer’s Passport is a craft beer pocket journal for the modern day explorer & craft beer enthusiast.

Every corner of the world has its own unique culture, people and beer characteristics; Nobel hops from Europe are earthy, while hops from the Pacific Northwest bring piney characteristics to the beer, Belgian Ales tend to be easy-drinking, and American IPAs have a strong hoppy aroma. There has never been a better time to experience craft beer!

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Product Description

(Each package comes with TWO 3.5×5″ passports)

What’s inside the Brewer’s Passport?

  • Two-page tasting layout: It is a blend of tasting notes about the beer you are tasting and the drinker. It connects the physical/geographical location of the drinker with the tasting notes of the beer itself.
  • Tasting beer guide: Sniff, see and sip. Tips to take your beer tasting to the next level
  • Beer & Food pairing ideas: Because beer & food are better together. They bring the best out in each other.
  • Space for 30+ beer notes: Record over 30 beer experiences. Here, or halfway across the world.
  • Bitterness Chart: International Bitterness Unit (IBU), because bitterness is what makes certain beer styles so unique.
  • Ordering beer around the world: No matter where you are, let us help you get one sep closer to your next beer.

And much more! Brewing process chart, beer color chart, common beer off-flavors, beer glassware reference, beer flavors & aromas and stylized passport page.

Additional Information

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