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The Beer and Wine Blog is where we post articles related to the beer and wine industry. From infographics, to interviews, to home brew recipes.

The windy roads of a start-up present lots of questions and challenges. We will talk about some of these challenges and rewards that come with starting a business; specially in the craft beer and wine industry. Confession from a first-time entrepreneur and social media tips from a company that doesn’t have a marketing guru or thousands of followers will be part of the blog as well.

After we created the Brew Journal we made an incredible discovery. It’s possible to make a full time living doing what you love. With that came Kegs & Code’s mission – to help inspire 1,000,000 independent makers to pursue their brewing passion.

Kickstarter Campaign & Paradigm Shift

When you create something, you are passionate about it, and people love it as much as you do; you realize that is possible to live your dream and you don’t have to work on somebody else’s dream anymore in exchange for a paycheck.

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