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The Beer and Wine Blog is where we post articles related to the beer and wine industry. From infographics, to interviews, to home brew recipes.

The windy roads of a start-up present lots of questions and challenges. We will talk about some of these challenges and rewards that come with starting a business; specially in the craft beer and wine industry. Confession from a first-time entrepreneur and social media tips from a company that doesn’t have a marketing guru or thousands of followers will be part of the blog as well.

After we created the Brew Journal we made an incredible discovery. It’s possible to make a full time living doing what you love. With that came Kegs & Code’s mission – to help inspire 1,000,000 independent makers to pursue their brewing passion.

Product Launch – The Second Time Was Harder

The First Time When you heard of the Brew Journal on Kickstarter, it was really the first time I was putting myself out there in a big way. There was no parameter of comparison in terms of success or failure. If you had seen me fail, well, that was my first time doing...

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Experimental Porter Recipe

The Experimental Porter Recipe uses a solid 5-gallon porter recipe as a based but then the batch is split into 5 1-gallon batches in secondary. One rests without any addition, the other four are where the Experimental parts come in with cocoa nibs, oak chips, vanilla and raspberry additions. If you were looking for a porter recipe, look no more.

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Brew Journals Getting Damaged During Transit

I decided to start writing more about what happens behind the scenes on a one-man-operation business. Kegs & Code has been built with sweat, sore muscles and lots of creativity to get everything done on time. Post #1: Brew Journals are getting damaged during transit.

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2016 Beer & Wine Calendar

Being a "solopreneur"  sometimes sucks because we are so wrapped up on the things we have to do on a daily basis that we forget about other things. Last year I forgot so many of these fun days to celebrate! IPA Day, Stout Day, Riesling Day and so many other fun days...

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Beat the Odds. Open a Successful Microbrewery Today.

With the 1.5 billion dollars Powerball jackpot hype, I couldn't help but to look up what are the odds of taking all that cash home. Well, 1 in 292 million. That's discouraging and it's something that is totally out of your control. On the flip side, data shows that...

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Wine Journal For a Cause

For every WINE JOURNAL sold during December, we will donate $7 to Charity: Water. There is one thing that every beverage we like to enjoy around the holidays has in common: water. Clean water. Without clean water there is no wine, no beer, no whisky, no cider, no...

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7 European Drinking Games (And How to Play Them)

European drinking games are coming to America! The guys over at GoEuro keep surprising us with these interesting infographics! It is interesting to see that each part of the world has their own cultural marks. From United Kingdom, to France, to Spain. Every country...

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BACKERS BREW – a Bold Belgian Ale

Everything started when we asked over 900 brewers & backers of the Brew Journal on Kickstarter “What should we put in a beer?” A Belgian Ale was born.

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