On Dec. 3rd I said that for every Wine Journal sold during the month of December, Kegs & Code would donate $7 to Charity: Water. Guess what? We sold 42 Wine Journals!! That’s $294 USD in donations!


42 Wine Journals may not seem a lot of sales but $300 dollars will help bring 30 days of clean drinkable water to 10 people! Yes, I wish this number was higher but what matters is that 42 wine makers helped make this world a better place. And who knows, maybe in 2016 this number will be even higher!
“Reaching out and helping people will bring you more satisfaction than anything else you have ever done”.
Our first charity initiative was to help bring clean water for people in need through Charity: Water. For the next one, we are thinking about World Bicycle Relief (feel free to suggest other non-profits too). This non-profit provides bicycles for people to go to school and pursue their dream career.
world bicycle relief
This was a great way to start 2016! This will be an exciting year at Kegs & Code, there are many things in the works! We are working on new products and services that will benefit our community and everyone around us :)
wine journal

Thank You!

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